Volvo Lets You Talk To Your Car As Long As You Wear A Microsoft Band 2

It’s not quite the full Michael Knight experience yet, but as long as you keep saying “in my Volvo” to your watch, you’ll never be alone again.

Volvo is working on a bunch of technologies with both Ericsson and Microsoft at the moment, and their latest invention with the latter is voice control through your fitness smart watch.

The idea is as follows:

  • You throw away your Apple Watch and buy a Microsoft Band 2 instead.
  • You drive your XC90, S90 or V90 to Volvo’s favorite coffee brewers, da Matteo in Gothenburg.
  • You enjoy your hot beverage in house, unlike some of those people who had to walk there.
  • When you’re just about ready to go, you start talking to your wrist. You make sure to talk to the one with the Microsoft Band 2 on it.
  • You’re happy about the fact that by the time you jump inside your car again, the heater is on, the address is set and all you need to do is put it into drive.

Land Rover, BMW and pretty much all other players in this segment will let you do the same with your smartphone, but if you happen to own a Microsoft Band 2, I guess it’s time to buy a fitting XC90.

Today, Volvo. Tomorrow, this:


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Talking to your wrist, ending every sentence with “in my Volvo” and then giving a sultry glance towards your Volvo parked right-fucking-there, all while wearing a three day stubble and a t-shirt under a suit that’s two sizes two small and a pair of $500 sneakers - I guess Volvo’s trying to take the “douchey” market away from BMW.

Aside: I can’t help but look at that GIF and think he’s saying “por favor” in a ridiculously high-pitched spanish accent.