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Volvo Isn't Making Another Coupe But Polestar Might Be: Report

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Hot off the news that Polestar would be spinning off into its own performance brand free of the Volvo badge, Autocar reports that we might be getting a Polestar coupe debuting later this year. Close your eyes and enjoy this moment of fleeting hope before reality sets in.


As much as I want to be optimistic about a new coupe from what was is still kind-of Volvo, Autocar doesn’t really cite anyone or anything in its report that Polestar may be working on two bespoke models now that’s it’s free from being just a trim option on Volvos.


One of these supposed new models is “understood” to be a 600 horsepower hybrid coupe that will be based on an existing Volvo platform—possibly the upcoming Volvo S60 replacement. Autocar also “understands” there to be an unknown second vehicle, both of which are just being considered for now.

Polestar’s separation from Volvo was described as a relationship that allowed the economies of scale and the heft of research and development costs to be swallowed by Volvo, leaving the newly independent Polestar to “design, develop and build world-beating electrified high-performance cars.”

So it’s perhaps plausible to hope for something to manifest at the Frankfurt Auto Show later this year, as Autocar suggests. It will be interesting to see where they borrow that 600 horsepower figure considering nothing in the current Volvo lineup really comes close. That is, if anything is even happening at all.

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