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Volvo is nearly done constructing a 1.1 mile "Customer Experience Track" at their New River Valley manufacturing plant in Virginia to showcase the abilities of their Class 8 (very large) commercial trucks and articulating dump-trucks for prospective buyers.

The Virginia facility's VP and General Manager Lars Blomberg says Volvo has a similar facility in Gothenburg, Sweden and thinks the concept will take the company's "customer engagement" to the next level in the US.


"I believe it allows us to showcase the features of our growing product range," said Blomberg in the latest issue of Volvo's magazine Driver's Digest.

The paved part of the track is built to DOT road specifications, and has room for trucks to hit about 35 MPH in corners and 65 MPH in th straights. An off-road section includes a 27% incline for demonstrations of Volvo's massive cargo-carrying construction vehicles.


The primary purpose of the track will be showing off Volvo's wares to consumers, but the company is considering using it for R&D purposes as well.

Images: Volvo