Volvo Buys Stake in Nissan Diesel

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Boy howdy, all this M&A stuff in the auto industry sure can make a man sweat. So Volvo sells off its automaking division to Ford. Ford's tangled up with Mazda. Meanwhile, Nissan, controlled by Renault, has sold 13% of its diesel division to Volvo AB, which besides building Volvo and Mack-brand trucks, also builds Renault trucks. Volvo sees it as a good way to gain a foothold in China, especially given Nissan's joint venture with Dongfeng. They've also retained the option to buy Nissan's remaining 6% of Nissan Diesel, which means in addition to today's Renault-powered Nissans, you could see Nissan-powered Renaults built by neither Nissan nor Renault. We're gonna go lie down now. Our cerebrum hurts.


Nissan sells part of Nissan Diesel to Volvo for $195 million [Detroit News]

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