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The last Volkswagen Kombi, anthropomorphized to tell its story and read its "last wishes" is a truly lovely send-off to what might be the most iconic utility vehicle of all time, and will hit you right in the feels if you've ever said goodbye to a car you called a friend.

While some of us were hopeful the Bus would be reprised at the end of 2013, the bean-counters weren't having it. The Bus is now really, truly, gone.


Originally sketched out by Dutchman Ben Pon in the 1940's, the VW Bus or Kombi (short for Kombinationsfahrzeug— "combined vehicle"), touched the lives of many people over its long production run. This video gathers great scenes of folks for whom "the bus" was particularly special, and reminds me just how many of us form strong bonds with their vehicles.

Is somebody cutting onions in here?

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