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Volkswagen's New Mid-Size Sedan: First Look

Illustration for article titled Volkswagens New Mid-Size Sedan: First Look

This image, captured by WRCB-TV, is our first look at Volkswagen's new mid-size sedan, which is set to go into production in 2011.


This vehicle, set to be produced at the Chattanooga VW plant, will be one of the main vehicles built in America for the American market. Cleverly, Volkswagen is calling the new vehicle the New Mid-Size Sedan (NMS). This could be the vehicle to move the brand firmly into the mid-size, near-premium segment. Already, the 2009 Volkswagen CC is preparing buyers for the idea of an expensive and more luxurious VW.


As for the name, we imagine NMS will get dropped in favor of some obscure wind. What about the VW Chinook? The strong lines and greenhouse suggest more Audi than VW and the kink in the C-pillar makes us wonder if they're not trying to hint at RWD or, instead, just carrying over a common VW design element. We'll certainly be following this car closely over the coming two years.

[WRCB-TV via AutoBlog]

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Ash78, voting early and often

I really find it interesting that VW is banking on this thing so much, especially given their "Take it or leave it" attitude towards the US since they started selling cars here.

But I'm really, really afraid of what a US-specific sedan might contain. The reason people buy VWs here, in the face of shitty dealers and questionable reliability, is because they are the best value among any European spec vehicle (not counting GM's German stepchildren). What happens when you remove that element from it?