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Volkswagen Wants You To Forget You've Seen The New Golf Already

Illustration for article titled Volkswagen Wants You To Forget Youve Seen The New Golf Already
Photo: Volkswagen

Back in March, which was a very long time ago, we published spy photos of the upcoming, eighth generation Volkswagen Golf. Photos that showed the whole thing, down to the last exterior detail. So it’s a little weird that Volkswagen trotted out this photo of a camouflaged Golf mule today, knowing full well that we all know what the car looks like already.


The eighth generation Golf will be officially unveiled this fall, so we don’t have that much longer to wait before seeing it all over again in full. I don’t know why Volkswagen uploaded the photo today to its media site. Perhaps it’s to keep the buzz going.


Also, many automakers are very concerned with controlling the narrative around their cars. You’ll all get to see the car when Automaker™ says so and all that. It’s very likely, then, that Volkswagen 100 percent knows we all know what the new Golf looks like, but won’t acknowledge the fact because the spy photos didn’t officially come from it.

Porsche, for example, once published “spy shots” of the new Macan despite appearing to wholly misunderstand what constitutes a spy shot at all.

As a quick reminder, here’s the new Golf:

Illustration for article titled Volkswagen Wants You To Forget Youve Seen The New Golf Already
Photo: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

Anyway, in May, we reported that Volkswagen might not export lesser versions of the eighth generation Golf here to the U.S. A Volkswagen spokesperson confirmed the Golf R and GTI, but also said the “other Golf 8 models are still under consideration for the North American Region.”

Following that report, we then learned the Golf 7 Alltrack and SportWagen would cease production, but it’s also unclear if that means they won’t return as Golf 8 variants.


See you all back here when the new Golf officially drops. We’ve all seen it, we just need to know the specs and the price.

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Turning Jalopanese, AKA Chalupa Batman

That camo does have sort of a hypnotizing effect. It’s making me feel... like... I don’t care... about long term reliability. I think I want a VW now.