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Likely part of a $200 million advertising deal Volkswagen signed with NBC Universal this past January, the carmaker will sponsor Universal's upcoming version of the simian vehicle, "King Kong." As part of the placement deal, Volkswagen is hosting exclusive clips from the movie on its site,, and will use movie clips in TV commercials for its Touareg SUV.


In the re-remake of the 1930 classic (and of its tragically sucky 1977 remake), directed by "LOTR" trilogy helmsman, Peter Jackson, King Kong finds himself in New Zealand, where he terrorizes thousands of sheep and kiwis, until a band of friendly halflings in a Touraeg TDI conspire to knit the ape a tremendous wool sweater. Tragedy ensues when Kong puts on the garment and finds it even itchier than his own mottled skin. (Well, that's what it should be.)

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