Volkswagen SP2 Design Concept Modernizes 70s Brazilian Coupe

With hints of Jensen Interceptor from the rear and DeTomaso Mangusta from the front, the Volkswagen SP2 was a sleek-but-slow South American sports car built only for the Brazilian market in the mid-1970s. Now designer Marcelo Rosa has rendered his interpretation of a modern SP2 based on new VW Scirocco underpinnings. Using a Scirocco would definitely solve the "slow" problem of the original, and Rosa's modernized styling preserves the spirit of the original — it manages to have a 1970s feel without looking "retro." Check out the galleries below (and a photo of an original SP2 below the jump) and judge for yourself — we'd love to see one of these sitting in our local Volkswagen showroom.


[SeriousWheels via Carscoop]

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