Volkswagen Sales Up 62.5% As Company's Beigekrieg Continues

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The Volkswagen Group is on a mission: to sell 10 million cars per year and become the largest automaker in the world by 2018.


In August, VW sold 41,000 cars in America. It was their best August here since 1973. And it's all part of their Beigekrieg battle plan for world domination.

Leading the charge were the Jetta and Passat, which sold a whopping 25,000 units. In August 2011, VW sold a total of 25,000 cars. The Passat actually grew by 4,219 percent over 2011. That deserves a wow.


But the increase also says a lot about the car buying public. The Jetta and Passat were both redesigned with this goal of world domination in mind. VW openly followed Toyota as their model, and the new Jetta and Passat debuted with lower pricing and inoffensive styling. Instead of cars, they are now appliances built to a price.

Reviewers were less than kind about the perceived cheapening of the interior materials and suspensions of the new cars, especially the Jetta. Lucky for VW, buyers saw the lower prices and instantly gravitated to the new ones.


While the boring cars sold like hot cakes, the third best seller was the Golf. Take all variants into account, including the Golf R, and VW only sold 4,300 units.


Does that mean the next Golf, which just debuted a little early, will take the same cost cutting measures as the Jetta and Passat in the name of more sales? Seems like we'll find out once VW releases all the technical details if the next stop of the VW Beigekrieg is their affable hatchback.


Photo Credit: VW


personally I don't understand the animosity towards the new vws. If you think about the concept of the original beetle, a cheap car anyone can own. vw is not supposed to be a luxury brand. This is vw going back to that idea. Who needs a jetta that costs close to 30k and spends every other week in the shop? But a brand new one for 15k, that has better reliability is what vw should be about. They have Porsche for expensive performance cars.