Volkswagen Likes Your Modified Car But Not That Much

Photo: Volkswagen

Hey VWVortex forum dude, you’ll be happy to know that the automaker is a big fan of your sick slammed Jetta with faux BBS wheels, rolled fenders and fart-can exhaust. But don’t be too happy, because VW is not that big of a fan. It’s only sort of a fan. Like, in the way Detroiters are fans of the Lions—they’ll ditch them as soon as shit goes down.

VW’s love of your sick modded Volkswagen ends as soon as warranty work and lawyers come into play—or, at least it seems that way based on the brand’s Twitter post from Saturday.


That post—whose ridiculousness was pointed out on Twitter by CNET’s Chris Paukert—includes pictures of a sweet modified 2002 Golf GTI with giant disclaimer text over top of it reading “Modifying vehicles can adversely affect warranty coverage & compliance with required safety & other standards.”

Disclaimers aren’t a new concept, but seriously, just look at how prominent the warning text is on this photo; it actually covers part of the owner’s legs and the front of the Golf:

Photo: Volkswagen

So yeah, VW’s tweet basically seems to suggest: “Hey, this modded car is cool. But for god’s sake, don’t come whining to us if your slammed Golf breaks any safety or—dare we say—emissions laws, or if you void your warranty.”

In VW’s defense, it’s got enough shit on its plate right now. I’d probably be throwing disclaimers on just about everything if I were them. Except I might use slightly smaller font.

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