Volkswagen Kills Rabbit Nameplate, Resurrects Golf

Illustration for article titled Volkswagen Kills Rabbit Nameplate, Resurrects Golf

Volkswagen's entry-level hatchback debuted in North America as the Rabbit, was rebranded as the Golf, re-rebranded as the Rabbit and now, apparently, it has been re-re-rebranded as the 2010 Volkswagen Golf. Farfugridiculous. [Car & Driver]


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Ash78, just done until Kinja is fixed for good

A little late to the party here but:


Rabbit was dumb. Bringing back a nameplate that is only remembered today by people 40+, then trying to sell it to the 16-24 crowd. Bad idea. It might have been okay as a "retro trimline" for the Golf or something. But not a full name change.

Golf is universally recognized and is in the top 3 selling cars of all time.