Volkswagen Goes Surreal To Sell Diesel Polo

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This German ad for the Volkswagen Blue Motion proudly proclaims it has "absurdly low consumption" though we're more impressed with the surreal slant.

The advertisement, created by DDB Berlin, suggests the absurdity of the car's performance. However, the Persistence of Memory and its malleable watches suggest a non-absurdist interpretation of the relative nature of time. The car's fuel sipping nature isn't Dada, it's surreal. Despite our concern with the caption, there is no doubting the brilliance of the ad. The crying gas station attendant, the wilting gas tanker, the ants carrying fuel, the "shell" underneath the soft fuel gauge. Clever.


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Ash78, voting early and often

Meanwhile, the internal culture is probably more personified by the works of Goya:

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