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Who knew the problems a Pope can cause to two of the biggest and baddest Bavarian auto companies. Both BMW and Audi have been bickering like two catholic school kids over which automaker has the right to supply the official car for the six-day visit by Pope Benedict XVI. But after weeks of back-and-forth, folks over at the AFP claim the solution to the impasse came by a combination of divine and bureaucratic intervention β€” with the Munich Archbishop's office finally being forced to step in and make the final decision...

...the Pope would be driven in a BMW 7-series in Munich, and driven in an Audi A8 while on a three-day stay in Regensburg. But even divine providence couldn't stop these two big Germans from trying for one last piece of one-upsmanship, with BMW's spokesperson declaring:

"It was important to us that we provided the car he used first on his visit...after all, when the Pope is in Munich, he should be driven in a BMW."

Audi's spokesperson on the other hand provided a bit less biting of a retort:

"Audi is satisfied with this compromise because at the end of the day, it is all about the visibility of the product. Plus, we saw BMW making out with Jimmy in the back of the school bus so BMW's a whore and it knows it."

Kids...can't live with them and it's against the law to shoot them. But really, it's days like this we wish he still just drove around in the Pope-mobile. And anyway Volvo won the contract on his new whip so they're just better than you both. Nyah-nyah!


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