Vista Cruisers And Sport Wagons, Ahoy!

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All right, we have so many station wagons on our wish list that we may well have to institute a Jalopnik Fantasy Wagon Garage. And, by gum, the first two wagons to rumble into the JFWG would have to be a mid-60s Buick Sport Wagon and a mid-60s Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. Both would be equipped with 455s and 4-speeds, of course (but you knew that). Click the link to visit the GM Skywagons Club's site-o-wagonly-goodness.

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The Mightiest Buick Sport Wagon of All Time [internal]

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Brandonj76, I think it is worth adding that one of my siblings should be added to a hit-list of wagon defilers. I recently came into possession of my family's 1989 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro Wagon, a Mica Blue wonder wagon which handled as if designed by the German gods to dominate the five-door segment while being as sporty as any top-of-the-line coupe or sedan of the time.

But I'm getting a bit off-track here. This car, the 1989 200 TQW, had approximately 89,500 on the clock and was lost (for a time) due to an issue with the title, but all that was about to be resolved. It was a glorious vehicle with a glorious five-cylinder engine in almost pristine condition (ignoring a little surface mold along the oh so supple supple leather seats, but that is something a little elbow grease could fix). Prior being dumped in the back yard, it was maintained by the parents, who at the time were quite affluent and could afford the absurd dealer pricing. Anyway, I got the car back and managed to get it started and mobile. But college called, and I answered by moving to Rochester with edumukation in mind. I returned to find a gaping hole in the driveway where my glorious car-to-be once resided.

The reason for its disappearance: The middle child of the family decided it was an eyesore and wanted it gone. She called a wrecker and had them tow it away in my absence. I will forever miss my ride-to-be, but maybe some day I will get a '91 in the brilliant red that looked so perfect on that model.