Alex Roy, bless his heart. You either get the joke (and think it's funny) or you don't. If you don't, then keep walking. If you do, then take a trip with Alex to the most awesome country in the world. No, it's Latvia.

Why is Latvia the most awesome country in the world? I'm not really sure, because the wifi in this Paris salaryman's hotel won't load the whole video, so as it turns out, the only thing I know about Riga, Latvia is that it has wooden houses and that it's colder than Iceland.


Latvia is also one of the places in the world where drivers install smaller rims and higher-sidewall tires on their German luxury cars; the craggy roadways exact an unbearable toll on fancy alloys and low-profile rubber.

And yet, apparently the best way to tour downtown Riga is in a 700-hp BMW M6, particularly the old KGB headquarters, from which locals once heard the screams of tortured dissidents in the night.

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