The Virginia DMV wouldn't let this guy keep the world's greatest license plate, which jokingly advocated Virginia "EAT THE" kids first. But hitting your kids? Apparently, the DMV doesn't mind its residents being portrayed as enthusiastic child beaters.


As we discovered in our reporting on the story of one man trying to make a joke with his "Kids First" license plate, Virginia vanity plates go through a computer check and a visual check before being printed out. Given how much trouble they gave the owner of the "EAT THE" version of the state's "Kids First" plate, it's a bit surprising they'd let someone get away with a Virginia "SLAPS" "Kids First" plate.

But is it real? Jalopnik cross-checked the plate with the DMV's online database and it turns out someone does own the plate.

All we know is it's a rough life for the kids of Virginia.

(Hat tip to ThePowerScene for the tip and Jeff for the photo)!

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