So when you're driving behind the Iron Curtain with an air-cooled V8 mounted in the rear, what do you do? Why, you hoon it up, of course! You get sideways on the highway, blast through charming little towns at maniacal speeds, get airborne going over hilltops, and then do some off-roading, all with Johnny Law on your ass! This early-60s Czech film, apparently done as some sort of Tatra promotion, comes to us thanks to a tip from Bobash. Wait, there's more!

Snow can't stop you! Cops can't stop you! Nothing can stop the mighty Tatra 603! Stastnou Cestu! You know a country that tried to make Frank Zappa an official in its post-Iron-Curtain government (stinkin' James Baker hosed that plan, though) is gonna make good cars, eh?


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