Vintage Racing Is Not For Fools

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Our man Jason Torchinsky is headed to Italy to race in the Mille Miglia. Does he know what he’s in for? Knowing Jason, the answer is somewhere between “somewhat” and “no.” But our pals from across the pond at XCAR will be there too, and they have a bit more prep under their belts.

In XCAR’s latest video, they take a short look at how they prepared for the big race in Italy by running a vintage time-speed-distance rally in a Jaguar C-Type. It’s a Mini Miglia, of sorts, for them to get ready to drive the same car in the big race.


This ain’t exactly cruising to church in your grandma’s Lexus. Expect more Mille Miglia stuff from Jason, and from XCAR, soon.

(If any of them survive. I’m not saying we have an office pool going or anything, but I’m not saying we don’t have an office pool going either.)

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I cant believe the guy who writes about personal transportation needs in a world where squids are the dominant lifeform, fiat 500’s with Hellcat engines, and car parts made of organic tissue gets to go to the fuckin Milla Milglia