Vintage Porsche 959 Factory Tour

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The internet can be a terrifically awesome place to spend time. Case-in-point, this vintage photo tour of the Zuffenhausen-based assembly plant where all 337 mythical Porsche 959s were built by skilled Germans probably named Bruce.


The Porsche 959 development program initially began in 1981 as an initiative to find and break the limits of the then-current 911 chassis, powertrain, drivetrain and aerodynamics. During that time is was referred to as the Gruppe B mainly due to its planned inclusion in the Group B rally series, later to be called the 959 for the FIA homologation regulation street-legal production series. 1988 saw the end of production with a total of 337 959s built including 37 prototype and pre-production models, though in 1992/1993 Porsche built an additional eight 959s out of spare parts from the Zuffenhausen production facility. These eight, now highly sought after, 959s were all built to 'Komfort'-spec with the lot being split between four red and four silver cars.


Below, you'll find an extensive inside look at the get-er-dun Zuffenhausen production facility, the skilled German assembly technicians and the 911 body-in-white being turned into the venerable Porsche 959 supercar.

You can check out the images at the 959 Registry site HERE.

[via 959registry]

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