Video Walkthrough of the BMW Turbo

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Welcome to a BMW engine minute (not quite) live from the Geneva motor show, with your host Klaus "Just Klaus" Borkmann, Director of BMW Group Powertrain development. "The old disadvantages of turbo technology have now disappeared," Borkmann says (meaning turbo lag). The company's new turbocharged 3.0-liter N54 biturbo inline six, he says, feels to the driver like a four-liter, naturally aspirated one, while consuming less fuel. A piezo-fed direct injection system, the company dubs High Precision Injection, offers "big performance" and "very good fuel consumption." And if you act now, you'll also get this lovely set of high-tensile steel steak knives, free of charge.

Introducing the all new inline-6-cylinder gasoline engine with Twin Turbo and High Precision Injection [BMW Vodcast]


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