VIDEO: Snowball Hits Hummer, Off-Duty DC Cop Pulls Sidearm

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Washington DC plainclothes officer Detective Bayler lost his cool when a snowball from a pre-organized neighborhood snowball fight hit his Hummer H2. He got out, drew his side arm and threatened the snowballers. On video. NSFW language ahead.


Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight. Apparently some of the participants in "The Great Snowball Fight of 09" held at 14th and U street got a bit childish (at a snowball fight, no way) and targeted the Detective's Hummer with a couple hits. He got out and without identifying himself clearly brandished his weapon and threatened those close by. Bystanders called the police reporting of a man with a gun and after an on-duty officer showed up the situation stayed tense until officers took off. Currently, despite the video evidence, DC police are mum on the situation and not officially releasing Detective Baylor's (or Bailer, or Bailor, whatever) name. At least DC is safe from the scourge of snowball wielding winter hooligans. [Gawker]


Well, I guess he got... (puts on sunglasses) ...cold feet.

/Horatio Caine