Video Shows New Mustang In Terrifying CGI Glory

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Ford just released a new video of the 2010 Mustang GT in action, but you might notice something a little “off” about the car in the video.


It doesn’t really bode well for a car that’s supposed to be able to perform and do burnouts on its own to be represented by a poorly integrated, mirrored CGI model. Regardless, it’s a cool clip with an awesome V8 soundtrack.


[via: Street Fire]

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I hate CGI.

It has ruined movies because it is no longer possible to suspend disbelief. Look at the "Invisible" Vanquish in Die Another Day for example.

It has ruined music videos for similar reasons.

It has ruined cars as now a lot of Virtual Prototyping is carried out, and cars never look the same in the flesh as they do on screens or holographially.

It has ruined animation, too smooth, too soulless.

It has ruined car-chases (witness the GT500 leap in Gone In 60 Seconds)

You can spot me at luddite conventions. I'm the one in the corner quietly sat polishing my abacus. And my valve-powered computer is connected to teh internets by string.