Video: Scumbag SUV Driver Passes School Bus, Nearly Runs Over Three Kids

Today in “People who richly deserve jail time,” we have the driver of a white 1990s Isuzu-looking SUV (ETA: Probably a GMC) who passed a school bus as three kids were about to board, nearly plowing into them. The whole thing was caught on a video that’s pretty horrifying to watch.

Tacoma, Washington’s The News Tribune reports a bus was stopped in Graham at near 224th Street and 124th Avenue East with lights flashing and signals on to pick up some elementary school kids. As was caught on the bus’s surveillance cameras, the white SUV passed on the right side, narrowly missing the three kids.

Luckily, no one was injured, although a district spokeswoman said one of the kids could feel the SUV as it touched their shoe. Holy crap.


The newspaper reports district officials didn’t have any other information about the SUV, but asked anyone with information to call the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department at 253-798-4721.

It’s thoroughly amazing this didn’t go worse than it did. Whoever was behind the wheel of that SUV needs to not be driving anymore, period.

Update: Here’s more information from a KING5 local TV news report, which revealed that the driver of the SUV pulled into a ditch in order to pass the stopped bus, which pulled way over to pick the kids up at the end of a long driveway. Police are looking for a white GMC Jimmy with a sunroof and tinted windows.

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There is no defending the SUV driver, but why did the bus driver not pull over to the curb or as close as possible? Perhaps the video doesn’t show the complete picture...