Video Reveals How The Glickenhaus Team Lost A Car At The Nürburgring

Wet, wetter, wall. The Nürburgring remains very much unforgiving, come rain or shine.

Before the N24 starts in about two hours, here’s the reason why Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus ended up having one car at the start line instead of the planned two.

Macchinadue crashed during Thursday’s practice session, and due to to the damage to its tub, she remains in the pits for this weekend. Here’s how it went down at Kesselchen:

The car might have more downforce now then before the speed limits came into action, but that still wasn’t enough to save it from the fence after it came loose on the wet tarmac.


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Amateur mistake really, too hard on the power on a wet off camber corner, it is a well known accident spot, the overhanging trees shade the track as well as holding the damp air.

The following cars were lucky to miss the debris on the track.