Video of rat rod doing donuts in the snow is an oddly effective selling technique

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Even though the term "Rat Rod" is no longer a popular one with hot rodders, it is hard to think of a better way to describe the 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod seen here. It's rough and it's rusty, but as the above video shows, it looks like a lot of fun in the snow.

In a sea of embellished Ebay descriptions, a car like this Ford with an interesting story, honest description and an amusing video sticks out like, well, a ratty 81 year old hot rod. According to the seller, this Model A sat behind his in law's house from 1960 when they stopped driving it, until he decided to resurrect it in 2007.


After dragging it home the car was chopped, channeled, and updated with a 350 V8 among several other modifications. According to the description the car runs and drives, although it bounces all over the highway because of the owner's decision to stick with the vintage Firestone tires. Form over function is rarely an automotive choice I support, but the old wide whitewalls do add some unique style to this A.

From the look of this car it is fair to guess Wisconsin (where the Ford is currently registered) is a state with very lax or no inspection for older vehicles. A Massachusetts Inspection station would laugh you out of the building for attempting to get a sticker on this rusty Ford with ancient tires. The auction ends within the hour (bidding is currently just shy of $6,000), so you don't have much time if you want to be the one having fun in the snow this winter behind the wheel of this old ratty Model A.

Hat tip to ThunderSi!