Video Of Illinois Monster Truck Crash

Here's yet another example of why it's generally a bad idea to do running of high-po jet vehicles or smashing of normal-size cars with monster trucks on city streets without adequate protection and distance. This example comes to us today from the city of DeKalb, Illinois. We'll let CBS give you the story from here:

"The demonstration, part of a monster truck tour sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts, featured the truck driving over four cars, crushing them.

"After its third or fourth attempt of rolling over the cars, and getting back down to the street, it appeared to have lost control and at that point careened off to the left into part of the crowd that was watching the event," said City Manager Mark Biernacki. "


The result — seven injured. Remember, only you can prevent unsafe public hooning. So give a hoon, don't pollute do things that will injure others. [CBS]

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Wow...that...that really took off there....came right at 'em, too...

See, THIS is why an American Autobahn will be tough.