Video Of Deadly Police Crash Released

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Two teenagers were killed in Milford, Connecticut on June 13 by a speeding police car. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the video has finally been released to the public. Warning: graphic footage below.

According the Connecticut Post, the cruiser in question was traveling at more than 70 mph when it collided with a Mazda at an intersection. Footage of the accident was captured by the dashboard camera of a second cruiser. The video offers no suggestion as to why either car was traveling so quickly. The officer involved in the crash has been charged with two counts of manslaughter by the Connecticut State Police.

This just gives us chills.

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[Connecticut Post]

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Jonathan Harper

It looks like the Mazda was making a relatively fast left turn.

Obviously the cop shouldn't have been going so fast but to me it looks like these kids didn't look far enough ahead before turning left in front of two on coming cars.