This dramatic video shows a vintage car seconds after a rear-end collision trapped the unconscious driver in his burning car in Sherman Oaks, California. Witnesses suddenly appear armed with a crowbar and fire extinguisher to save the driver before disappearing.

According to police, the 1932 Ford Model A was rear-ended by a Hyundai traveling 40 mph, tossed into a Ford Expedition and then exploded. The video picks up seconds later with the good Samaritans rushing to the unidentified 69-year-old driver's aid despite the flames and heat. Amazingly, no one was seriously injured.

Now <a href=""police are looking for the heroes so they can get a commendation they deserve.

"Nobody knows who they are," said Patrick Murray, who shot the video. "I think they should be commended, because without a doubt they were risking their lives."

If you know who this is you can contact the LAPD Valley Traffic Division at 818-644-8000.