We've seen this exact BMW "M1" and its disguised carbon roof and huge fenders before, but we haven't seen it in motion on video. Bridge to Gantry spied it testing on the Nurburgring. Insert scalded pregnant cat metaphor here.


Word is, the M1 will come equipped with 345 HP from its 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight six. That kinda makes it the most pure M car available now that the M3 has a V8, the M6 is, well, an M6 and the X5 and X6 M's are ginormous SUVs. There's also talk of ceramic brakes, an LSD (since when was it a big deal that BMWs had an LSD? I've never owned one without) and a "BIG" rear axle, whatever that means.


[ BridgeToGantry via BMWBlog]

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