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Illustration for article titled Vespamino!

We saw all sorts of little vehicles zipping around as folks prepped their vintage race cars, from Segways to golf carts, but this was by far the coolest (and most useful for hauling Whitworth socket sets, cases of $50-a-quart oil, etc). This Vespa-with-truck-bed looked to be in great shape... but what's up with the drip pan?


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This is probably old news to many Jalopniks, but I ran across an amusing website/company the other day dedicated to giving the "amino" treatment to the VW Beetle. If you are not amused by the Beetlamino pics, then you can also take delight in the English-as-a-second-language prose.

"Cargofun, this is the idea of a new Pickup generation. Compact in the size, sporting in the use and by its technical details flexible as a great Pickup."