"Velocity" wants to be the car-themed channel for rich dudes

The Discovery network, perhaps hoping to pick up eyeballs from a SPEEDTV network no longer interested in doing car-related programming, is rebranding its HD Theater channel as "Velocity" and aiming squarely at guys with short attention spans and lots of money.

Think of it as OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) dedicated to men with Viagra addictions. Programs like West Coast Customs and Chasing Classic Cars will make the move, and they're going to add more 15-minute programming that includes… World Rally Championship? Since HD Theater was America's home of edited rally footage this promo indicates Velocity will take WRC with it, too.


Also, Tanner Foust will be there (Top Gear USA reruns?) and at least one program dedicated to the Fisker Karma.

(Hat tip to Fodder650!)

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BtheD19, Formula J treble World Champion

We can only hope they stick to this idea. This channel is one of my favorite on TV, and adding more car programming will be a total win. Let's just hope they stick to REAL car programming, and don't pull a Fox on us. Otherwise we'll have 8 more hours a day of Car Warriors, NASCAR big rig truckers, and car product showcase... err, Gearz / Two Guys Garage.

Edit: And if anyone from discovery reads this, MOAR ISLE OF MAN! Or, just more Guy Martin. Give him his own show. Better, don't tell him he's on a show. Just follow him with a camera. Win.