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Hennessey built over 400 VelociRaptor high-performance versions of the outgoing F-150, and they plan to work their magic again on the new aluminum-bodied truck to create the 2015 Ford F-150 VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged; easily the fastest and most off-road ready rendition of the pickup yet.


Based on a 2015 Ford F-150 FX4 SuperCrew 5.0 V8, The VelociRaptor 600 package, named for its output of "600+ horsepower," adds a Roots-type supercharger running 8 PSI of boost. A high-flow air intake and exhaust help the engine breath while upgraded fuel injectors keep it fed. Engine management is tuned to make the most of those new toys.

Hennessey is planning on building no more than 500 examples of the 2015 VelociRaptor, which will be sold through Ford dealers for $73,500 complete, including a three year, 36,000 mile factory warranty.

The package includes 17" Hennessey wheels wearing 33" BFGoodrich tires. Off-road coilover suspension, beefy front and rear bumpers, a winch, LED light bars, and Brembo brakes will be on the options list at added cost.


The VelociRaptor looks like a solid Raptor alternative for off-road enthusiasts who can't wait for the next generation of Ford's factory performance pickup, though I have a feeling even when the new Raptor does come out it this supercharged monster will still be able to run it down.

Hennessey is also planning on introducing upgrades for EcoBoost-powered F-150s in the near future.


Images via Hennessey

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