Vauxhall Tigra Makes Some Kind Of Statement In New England

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Say you really, really want to bring a weird European car over to North America, really blow the squares' minds with something they've never seen before, and you're willing to go through the nightmarish bureaucratic hassles. Do you get all Kafkaesque with a Škoda Superb, or maybe pick up a what-the-hell-is-that Citroën C6? No! You spend endless months in Paperwork Hell so you can register a Vauxhall Tigra in Connecticut! We can totally see that, and we can thank MaxForrest32 for having his secret spy camera at the ready. First a VX220 in California, now this! Make the jump to read MaxForrest32's description.

My fiance and I were cruising along I-95 in Southern Rhode Island this past weekend. I was suffering from a bit of a headache at the time, and felt a bit off. Up ahead, I saw the rear-end of a car that just didn't look right. It looked vaguely like a Saturn (with good reason) but the badge just wasn't right. I actually shook my head a little, and thought that I must be seeing things. The only thing that computed in my brain was a griffin. After I got done spitting and sputtering, my fiance finally got it out of me that I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was in fact a Vauxhall Tigra. I couldn't believe it...just what on earth is a Vauxhall doing in Rhode Island, with Connecticut plates on it?