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Vauxhall Builds One for Brit Bro-Hams: Hecklerspray on the Vauxhall Calibra

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Vauxhall's not-so-worthy semi-successor to the chav-tastic Opel Manta, the Calibra, is the subject of Laverty's editorial love/hate this fine Saint Paddy's morn'. We're not wearing green today, which is funny, considering we're Irish and it's our favorite color, but there's nobody around to pinch us, anyway. But we've got a bottle of Perrier. Does that count? Laverty, on the other hand, pinches himself and says, "We are not categorical on how much we actually love the Vauxhall Calibra. We just know we re missing out on something special by hating it."


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