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Vaughn Gittin Jr Shows Us How To Smash A 'Stang Sideways

Pro drifter and driver of the Falken-sponsored 2010 Mustang GT, Vaughn Gittin Jr., is caught here doing his best reenactment of the crash that left three 19-year-old joy riders in a world of hurt. [YouTube]


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That was not Gittin's choice. In fact, the Mustang did it on its own.I have a few theories behind WHY the Mustang chose to do this, which I shall list in no particular order.

1) The Mustang felt itself to be so ugly that it could not stand to live, and attempted to destroy itself so that it would not have to live with the pain and suffering.

2) The Mustang made a show of being jealous of all the light weight Japanese cars, but when you look further down, it was really just depressed and wanted to die.

3) The Mustang is really Australian, and that concrete wall is as close as it comes to a windshield for the Mustang's face.

4) The Mustang has two left rear tires/feet.

5) The Mustang thought it was at a dance club, and tried to do a new move it learned, not realizing that it was in no shape to do so, thus losing its balance and face planting on the floor.

6) The Mustang was set up by Roush.

7) The Mustang was really only doing its job trying to make a new Special Edition Formula Drift Mustang featuring New Lifelike Crash Damaged Bodywork!

8) The Mustang is so heavy that it distorted the pavement such that the corner changed instantly, sending it into the wall.

9) The Mustang saw a mare, and blindly tried to go hump it.

10) The Mustang can only turn for so long before it needs to go straight again.

11) The Mustang was tired of this drifting shit, and put an end to it the only way it knew how... WITH ITS FACE.

Now, there is the possibility that this is neither Gittin's or the Mustang's fault. These theories are presented below in no particular order.

1) Invisible NASCAR.

2) Invisible Yuki Takahashi.

3) Taken over by the spirit of Aryton Senna's car.

4) Dale Earnhardt

5) Invisible police chase.