Van Pops Reverse Wheelie By Virtue Of 'Unknown Force' At An Intersection

Ever been casually driving down the road and have the back end of your vehicle shoot up in the air? Yeah, me neither. But that’s what reportedly happened in China, when a van just popped a reverse wheelie out of nowhere.

Everything looks normal as the van in the video approaches an intersection, but its tail end suddenly lifts into the air and takes the adjacent vehicle with it. The vehicle first lifted out of the air lands on its side while others remain upright, and further replays show another car in the intersection also getting tripped up by what the YouTube uploader described as an “unknown force.”


The video caused quite the debate about what could have happened, but turns out the force wasn’t so unknown—the vehicles appear to have been tripped up by a wire laying across the road. The culprit wire seems to be from a sanitation truck making its rounds down the street, catching several of the vehicles without being visible in the video (and creating the supernatural effect).

The explanation video of the incident isn’t in English, but you can pretty much get the gist of what happened by watching the footage that accompanies it.


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I think we all know what REALLY happened there, Alanis.