Van Man Slams Strip Club, Totals LAPD Squad Car

Illustration for article titled Van Man Slams Strip Club, Totals LAPD Squad Car

Distraught or upset over something as yet unknown, a man drove his van into the wall of the Valley Ball Cabaret strip club in Van Nuys, California. Police then gave chase while the man ran dozens of red lights, rammed cars, and drove the wrong way on the Ronald Reagan Freeway. Once cornered by police he then decided to play demolition derby, totaling one squad car and injuring two officers before being tackled by arresting officers when the van finally came to a stop in a cul-de-sac. No strippers appear to have been injured. [Strip Club Van Mayhem via]


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After reading the story, I'm disappointed to find out that the cops weren't at the strip club when it got hit by the van.