Valentino Rossi Crashes And Is Knocked Unconscious At Aragón Grand Prix

Valentino Rossi lost control of his motorcycle and was knocked unconscious in a crash at the Aragón Grand Prix on Sunday.

Rossi went wide on the track and appears to have lost control when he ran into the grass, losing traction and sliding way off course. In the crash, he briefly lost consciousness but regained it quickly, reports Fox Sports. The sports network was also reporting that Clinica Mobile Medical Director Michele Zasa told reporters Rossi was taken to a hospital in Alcaniz for a CT scan, but that the scan ruled out any internal bleeding in the brain.

Valentino suffered a concussion with a suspected loss of consciousness. From a neurological point of view he has recovered very well. He was taken to hospital in Alcaniz to make a further check, in particular a CT scan of the skull that has ruled out any bleeding in the brain. As a precaution he will be observed in the coming hours, but there are no special reasons for concern.


Rossi's current standing in third place was not affected by the crash.

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