V8 Vantage by Prodrive

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Motorsports engineering house Prodrive has turned some of its Aston Martin competitive-tuning knowledge on the general public. Developed by way of partnership with the Aston Martin Racing team, the company's tweakage boosts the V8 Vantage's power source from 380 hp to 425 hp, with torque increased from 302 lb-ft to 325 lb-ft. Other kit includes a driver-adjustable suspension comprised of Bilstein and Eibach gear — with normal and sports mode — modified exhaust (with noisy and "don't wake the baby" modes), an aero kit that reduces lift by 45 percent and forged wheels mimicking those of the Prodrive-built DBR9 racer. A fully-kitted show car is on display at the Essen show this week for tuner freaks who find themselves in North Rhine-Westphalia with nothing better to do.

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high demand, low suply, but still cheaper than an AMG SL. These are currently going for about $115k. Who knows how much these Prodrive packages are, however. I'd guess about 5-10k each.

I'd marry one, too.