V2Green Partners With Texas Utility To Solve Car-Charging Problem That Doesn't Exist

Leave it to a company looking to make a name for itself in Green Land to attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist. We all know that plug-in hybrids are coming. And hell, some options are already here. But V2Green is tackling problem of too many charging hybrids, which is a concern that won't exist for quite a few years, at earliest. You know how the 10 o'clock news is freaking out all summer about the energy crisis from too many the air conditioners running simultaneously and stressing the power grid? Plug-in hybrids are only going to add to the drain, and that's what this hubbub is all about.


V2Green is developing a type of two-way communication technology that links the hybrid with a power plant to better manage vehicle charging. Basically it will give the power plant control over how much juice your hybrid should be getting. So if you need a quick recharge during a "peak hour," good freaking luck, the power company is going to strike that down real quick.

The technology will reportedly save money on charging vehicles, but at the cost of convenience, perhaps. Not necessarily a good thing in an unfamiliar area for many consumers. Stay tuned for our follow-up report, set to go live in early 2013. [Autopia]

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