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It looks like Cadillac is looking to do a bit of midcycle spring cleaning on its family of luxury SUV's. According to Inside Line, performance aint the place they're lookin' to pimp cause Cadillac won't be offering a V package for the SRX or Escalade. Instead, Caddy's gonna be offering a "Sports kit" or "V-anity kit", starting in August for the 2007 SRX. The package includes:

• 18-inch rims and tires(in a $2,500 package) or 20-inch (in a $3,500 package)
• Grille panels
• Rocker panels
• Front and rear fascia enhancements

Let's get this straight. It'll look like a V-Series but not perform like a V-Series? Yeah, that makes sense, because who needs a better performing car when you've got hot rocker panels.

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