USPS Truck Explodes in Flames After Getting Stuck Driving Up an Icy Hill

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A United States Postal Service mail delivery truck self-immolated while attempting to deliver mail on Thursday morning in the Northland suburb of Kansas City. The driver is seen on camera spinning tires for several minutes attempting to drive up an icy hill. It is not clear exactly what started the blaze, but it’s a good guess that it was a result of a tire explosion. Perhaps the tire shrapnel hit a fuel line.

“There was a point where, for almost 10 minutes straight, he did not let up on the gas,” Brian Riley, whose home security cameras captured the whole incident, told Fox 4 Kansas City. “He was pushing it beyond insanity, and you could just tell the way he was going that he was getting more and more mad the whole time.”

After the truck burst into flames, the mail delivery person evacuated and the driverless flaming truck rolled back down the hill before coming to rest in a nearby yard. You can hear burning packages exploding inside the truck as firefighters arrive on scene. If you sent something to a friend in Northland, you might want to send a replacement.

Here’s a tip to our postal carriers and the folks in charge of their budgets, please buy winter tires if your delivery routes have white stuff on the ground.


Sources: NBC Action 41 News & Fox 4 Kansas City