US News' Muscle Per Gallon Index

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We used to have a boss who had a tendency to wear a Promise Keepers shirt. Frankly, that always creeped us out somewhat. Conversely, he'd also tell stories of being a coked-up teenager who performed amazing automotive stunts while drunk. And he often kept a copy of US News in the office restroom, along with issues of Inc., which given the way he ran the company, former co-worker and fab-tipster-boy CTE is convinced he never actually read. That scarily Jesusfied Dubya-parallel stigma aside, the conservative newsweekly's come up with an interesting list that places the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the Corvette Z06 at the top of the Muscle Per Gallon Index, with respective scores of 88.4 and 80.80. More ammunition for the horsepower-phobic hybrid advocates, we suppose, as the Prius is clearly the only vehicle anyone needs.

Muscle Per Gallon Index [US News]

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