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UPDATE: Jeremy Clements Also May Have Said Something About Danica

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We're still waiting on MTV blogger Marty Beckerman to post a story explaining what it was NASCAR driver Jeremy Clements said this weekend that resulted in Clements being suspended from the sport. But now a self-proclaimed NASCAR photographer has chimed in to say that the remarks were directed at a woman, and possibly more sexist than racist.

UPDATE: Initially, a person named Allen Bedgood tweeted that he learned of the remarks that resulted in Clements' suspension, but did not go into detail about what they were, heavily implying it was about Danica Patrick. He later deleted those tweets claiming he was misled by Beckerman in an email conversation.


Upon further review we're not comfortable enough to say whether or not Beckerman did have that conversation, nor do we have confidence in Bedgood as a source. It is possible that they spoke, but without seeing the emails it's hard to confirm. It's possible Bedgood picked up on chatter about another remark Clements made about Patrick over the weekend.

USA Today NASCAR reporter Jeff Gluck said he found an interview where Clements made comments about Danica Patrick.


A source close to this situation told us that the comment Breckerman overheard was definitely not a sexist comment.