Update: Holy Top Gun, It's The Jet-Powered VW Beetle!

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Now this is our kinda Beetle. In fact, it may be the only time we could ever categorize the Beetle as "cool." It's just too bad it takes a jet engine to get us wanting to drive the round, pod-like and alltogether girly-girl VW Beetle. But yeah, we know we've posted on it before — but this time the San Francisco Chronicle has all the details (plus video!) on 50-year-old Ron Patrick, and how with $250,000 he pimped his ride with a Navy surplus GE T58-8F 1,450 hp jet engine — in fact, the President's chopper Marine One, has two of these things on it. We'll put it to you this way — it idles at 13,000 RPM. Fahrvergn gen that, Volkswagen. (Hat Tip to Mark S.!)

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