UPDATE: Bullrun TV Show NOT Cancelled, Countless Dozens NOT Mourning

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One of those countless dozens of flower-bearing and red-eyed mourners is none other than Team Polizei's Alex Roy. The man definitely has a point — the Bullrun TV show was totally better than Fox's quickly canceled Drive. So if you're looking for faux rally on TV, you'll have to resort to snagging them off of iTunes or some sites providing torrents of bits. Although good luck finding it at the latter, as even the bay of pirates only comes up with a History Channel documentary on the Civil War. UPDATE:Bullrun folks claim they're still in negotiations with Spike TV on season two. It would appear Team Polizei's sources are as good as one would expect — from pro wrestling web sites. [gumball144.com]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

I must be one of the many dozens... I really liked it. Its ashame one of the few shows with balls and entertainment is again, cancelled. Hopefully Kill Point will stay, which I bet it will