Israeli Airline's New Safety Video Is Cheesy Greatness

Israel's new low-cost carrier, UP, just started service on March 30th, but they're already getting the word out about themselves, thanks to a new on board safety video that's on its way to viral status.


The video is sort of a cross between a Ricky Martin video, mixed with Devo's "Whip It" and heaping spoonful of Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistable." It's a bit scatterbrained, but certainly entertaining and will be sure to hold passenger's attention. There's also a Hebrew version, which actually sounds a lot smoother than the English translation.

El Al CEO David Maimon spoke at the first day of service celebration:

"UP flights which began operations [March 30th], convey a message of renewal, change and a response to the changing needs of consumers. With UP, we are in step with international aviation industry trends and with the largest airlines in the world; we are attentive to our customers' preferences. The UP brand allows customers to create the product that suits them and to decide for themselves which items they want to pay for. Israeli consumers 'vote with their feet.' During the first months of sales, we sold over 180,000 flight segments, an impressive feat by any criterion. I am convinced that this step will improve our competitive edge, expand our customer base and help meet our passengers' needs, and all at prices that everyone can enjoy."

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UP 737-800 rendering by EL Al / UP

UP is a subsidiary of El Al, the nation's flag-carrier airline – known for having the tightest security in the world. UP flies Boeing 737-800s and is based in Tel Aviv with 52 flights per week to Berlin, Kiev, Prague, Budapest and Larnaca.


Ash78, voting early and often

"...Low cost carrier, El Al Yankovic"

So close, guys. But you can't spoof Devo and Palmer without the obvious nod to the master.