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Here's a pretty strong commentary on the state of sales for full-size pickups — a bird has managed to build a nest and lay eggs on the hood of a Ford F150 at an Orange Country Ford dealer. Seems like the kind of undertaking that would be noticed if, you know, people were busy looking at the truck on a regular basis. Of course, the dealer thinks it's great and has roped the truck off as a conversation piece 'till the chicks hatch. We just think it's a picture worth a thousand words. [OC Register]


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Do these birds give any thought to the future before they create these nests so far from the forest? Or are they just lured by the expases of sheet metal and ready supply of human food. Well, I hope they enjoyed it while it lasted, because pretty soon they're all going to have to go back to living in the trees like they did before these F-150s were sprawled all over dealer lots.