Unsafe at High Speed: Porsche Sued by Widow

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We think this is a bigger pile of crap than hundreds of Opel Kadetts stacked into a replica of the tower of Babel. The widow of a man killed in an on-track accident as a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT is suing the car's driver, the track (California Speedway) and Porsche over his death. Bear in mind, the driver shed this mortal coil as well. Nobody held a gun to the guy's head and forced him to go to a track day.


Nobody gave him a choice between strapping on a C-4 jacket and walking into a mall and getting into a Carrera GT. Even in controlled environments with the best drivers, accidents happen. Suing all of these people just contributes to our culture of gross over-litigation and results in hyper-legislation that stifles human creativity and expression under the oppressive hand of the law. Dash-30 on the sermon.

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